Monday, June 10, 2013

Donald Ray Bernard

A retired U.S. Navy Commander, Donald Bernard dedicated more than two decades to military service, while maintaining the roles of lawyer, educator, public servant, and writer. Throughout his career, Bernard has pursued a range of jobs that encourage understanding, and served as-a delegate to the inaugural joint international bar conference between america and the former Soviet Union, in

1988. At the beginning of his career in law, Donald Bernard worked as-a briefing attorney for the Texas Supreme Court. He subsequently committed over thirty years to private legal practice, first as a partner in the firm of Bernard and Bernard, then as an independent attorney. Bernard earned a law degree at the University of Texas at Austin, where he also completed a Bachelor of Arts and-a Master of Laws.

Dedicated to service, Bernard currently serves on-the Board for Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, while volunteering concurrently as a Board of regents of the nonprofit Angeles University Foundation, situated in Angeles City, Philippines.

Donald Bernard is the-author of a novel entitled Bullion. Bernard also published a scholarly publication called Origin of the Special Verdict As Now Practiced In Texas, in addition to writing many professional journal articles throughout his career. His leisure time is devoted by a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, Bernard to sports, including hiking, alpine skiing, scuba diving, and rafting. In addition, he maintains certification as an authorized commercial pilot and since 2008, has been qualified as a volunteer mountain search pilot.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Donald Ray Bernard McGee Jr. Caught in the Middle of Carjacking Scandal

For 21-year-old Nemeha Millen, what started out as a pleasant first date quickly turned into a tale of horror – one in which she feared for her life. 

It was on her birthday that Millen decided to meet up with 19-year-old Donald Bernard McGee Jr., a young man who she had been exchanging text messages with, for a date. Things started off innocuously enough, as the couple enjoyed a walk through Boynton Beach before heading to a local Wendy’s to meet up with McGee’s brother. But that’s when things quickly took a downward turn. 

Shortly after 10 p.m., Donald Ray Bernard McGee Jr. pulled a gun on the unsuspecting Millen, demanding that she hand over her purse and car. Millen fought valiantly, but fearing that her life was in danger, ultimately let McGee get away with her possessions. Millen has gone on record stating, “I grabbed my purse and then he fought me for my purse with a gun. He pointed it at my face.”

What followed was a thrilling police chase, with local police officers pursuing McGee down Interstate 95 for approximately eight miles. McGee would ultimately lose control of the vehicle and was taken into custody.

To date, Donald Bernard McGee Jr. faces charges of robbery with a firearm, armed carjacking and drug possession. Suffice to say, the future for this young man suddenly looks very grim.

Unfortunately, this is not the first strange carjacking story to appear in the news. Just a few months ago, a carjacker stole a car only to later realize that a 7-month-old baby was left inside the vehicle. In a bizarre twist, the thief proceeded to abandon the car and notify the police. Similar carjacking incidents have been taking place on a somewhat regular basis.
Events such as the one involving Millen only serve to deter young women from going out with men they recently met. This bodes poorly for reputable gentlemen with no ill intent. 

Understandably, Millen has stated that thanks to her horrifying encounter with Donald Bernard McGee Jr. she will not to be going out on another date anytime soon. 

Donald Ray Bernard case

We have a developing story about Donald R. Bernard and his arrest after trying to hijack a car from a female companion after their first date. This is a developing story so we will update as soon as we have more information.

donald ray bernard

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Donald Ray Bernard - Naval Commander

Naval Commander, pilot, and lawyer Donald R. Bernard has achieved an amazing amount of accomplishments all through his more than 50-year career. Don Bernard provided not exactly 20 years in service to his place in the U.S. Navy, retiring an Usa Navy Commander in 1975.

Don Bernard maintains a love for the air, as well. As an Authorized Commercial Pilot, Don Bernard is qualified to fly over 40 different types of planes, including prop, turboprop, and jet engine aircraft. During as an Air Show Pilot for the Confederate Air Force the 1970s, Don Bernard highlighted his flying skills. As an Avowed Mountain Search Pilot currently a part of Montana emergency companies, Donald Bernard volunteers.

For more than 30 years, Don Bernard worked in the area of law. Having received a Juris Medical practitioner and Master of Laws from The University of Texas at Austin School of Law, Don Bernard was someone at their own practice for 20 years, and a private physician for 14 years. In addition to positions with The Supreme Court of Texas and as the Assistant Attorney General of the State of Texas, Don Bernard was the President of the Houston Lawyers Association for just one year.

Bob Ray Bernard possesses lots of international law knowledge. In addition to his work in international areas of the State Bar of Texas and the Houston Bar Association, one of Don Bernards noticably achievements is acting as a Delegate to the first joint international club discussion between the United States Of America and the USSR in 1988. Passing his knowledge onto the next generation of attorneys, Donald Bernard was a Professor of International Law at the University of St. Thomas for 36 months.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Don on family

Donald r. Bernard has always believed in "family first". He preaches to all of his friends that family is the most important thing in his life. Family comes before business and fun. Please take Don's advice to heart because it is from the heart. Family first!

Friday, August 10, 2012

The nightlife of London

The nightlife in london is incredible! It is on par with the nightlife of even New York City. The pros certainly out way the cons but I will go into complete detail in this blog.

-Everything is very close together.
-Taxi drivers know exactly where everything is located (no need to find direction or cross streets).
-Doormen are typically not as stuckup as NY snobby doormen.
-If your a girl usually men will buy your drinks for you ;)

-The POUND is very very expensive. Our US dollar is not worth as much as many people may think until they get to London.
-Bars close early (NY pubs stay open until the sun rises).

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Donald goes to New York

Tonight we will discuss Don Bernards upcoming trip to NYC. He is scheduled to land at around 6PM at John F Kennedy Airport just outside Manhattan. A car service will be there waiting for him to take him to his hotel which happens to be his favorite of hotels the Hilton. Don will spend 5 days in New York then travel onto South Florida to visit some old colleagues.